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Clarinda Park Horses Does Foal Handling at an early age

At our horse breeding farm at CLARINDA PARK HORSES, work does not stop after breeding season and yearling sale. The other half of the year, we break-in horses for other people, and we try to educate and handle the foals.

Foal Handling at Clarinda Park Horses. "Circuit", 8-month old colt by Sunshine Beach x Gloria Lombo

As we are only a small team, handling and preparing the horses for about 3-4 weeks for the yearling sale is a bit too much. And given that we have about 8 foals of our own, we decided to do things differently.

We decided to educate and handle the foals before they really get big and strong.

This is our 3rd year operating as Clarinda Park Horses, and this is the first time that we are handling the foals (almost) all year round. We would be making a comparison on this batch (foals 2016) and batches we have previously (foals 2015 and foals 2014) in terms of how quiet and educated they could be during the preparation for the yearling sale season.

So far, we are already seeing the difference on the foals we have handled. They are quiet and sensible. It MAYBE a different story when they get weaned, and that would be something we would be observing for the next few months.

But for now, here are the photos of our foals after weeks and months of hardship handling them. The Dwyer-Mulligan kids visited us last week, and they were able to get close to the foals and be able to touch them.

Some of the foals we have at Clarinda Park Horses that were born on Breeding Season 2016 (and that might go to Yearling Sale 2018):

1.) "Priscilla" - A Rocknroll Dance x Asitshouldbe

2.) "McMuffin" - Maffioso x Lombo Secrets

3.) "Pia" - Heston Blue Chip x Soho Leigh

4.) "Gidget" - Sunshine Beach x My Lively Lass

5.) "Circuit" - Sunshine Beach x Gloria Lombo

6.) "Taylor" - Roll With Joe x Tremezzina

7.) "Naamah" - Art Major x Ark Elaine

8.) "Nolah" - Maffioso x Sarah Topaz

9.) "Ella" - Courage Under Fire x Bundella Express

10.) "Hana" - Betterthancheddar x Zena Zara

11.) "Sparrow" - Fly Like An Eagle x Mithali

12.) "Mona" - Art Major x Dolce Bella

There might be some other foals to join our team. We might update the list on before the yearling sale 2018.

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