"McMuffin", the son of Maffioso, Has His New Owner

It was mid this week when we got a call from the long-time Dumesny family friend, Guiseppie "Joe" Mauro.

He ended up getting "McMuffin". This is the second MAFFIOSO (3, 1.57.4, $606,907) colt that we sold this season, and we hope that they turn up good, just like their sire .

Take good care of him, Joe. He was properly foal handled. He has a big built. Other than that, we cannot promise any more. (if you want promises & BS, we could recommend a website) ;P

At Clarinda Park Horses, we have 2 stallions standing

- Maffioso

- John Street North

For more information, please visit our website www.clarindaparkhorses.com.au

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..... selling horses....

..... not promises....

McMuffin, the son of Maffioso gets a new owner

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