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John Street North Passes Away.

Clarinda Park Horses (CPH) would like to take this opportunity to advise that John Street North passed away over the weekend after a stable accident.

John Street North, a great racehorse and stallion, passes away

The sire of 191 winners to date, whilst he never left that champion horse that every one is looking for, he left many high class winners. CPH would like to thank Yirribee Pacing Stud for giving us the opportunity of having this beautiful horse live out his final days with us.


John Street North (1.50.4, $US895,912) This 24 year old stallion has come back to the Dumesny this 2016. John Street North was brought to Australia by the Dumesny family back in the late 90s when they were running the successful stud farm that is "RUBY VALE", which stood great stallions such as Electrician, Master Dixie, Souther Brigade, Adios Kidd, Langus Hanover, Insubordination, Explorador, John Street North (to name a few) He was the last sire to stand when Ruby Vale was closed down as a commercial stud farm in 2004. Some of his best performers are Flight Dynasty, Go Go Bop, Johnny El Gringo, Fourmore, Ricardos Toyboy, Nelson Street, Smooth Haich, Smooth Mace. Yirribee asked Tony Dumesny if he wanted to take back John Street North, and he was happy to have him back, and spend the rest of his days at Clarinda Park Horses. He arrived early this year, and it took some time to adjust. He has his dedicated paddock, but this breeding season, we had to put him in a yard... He may be old, but he really could get excited. He got some bookings to serve mares this season. For more information, visit our website

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