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CLARINDA PARK HORSES Had A Good Result This Yearling Sale 2018

Early this year (February and March), Clarinda Park Horses presented 4 yearlings at the APG Sydney Yearling Sale 2018, and 6 yearlings at Goldcrown Bathurst Yearling Sale 2018 and. And we got a decent result.

Clarinda Park Horses APG Yearling Sale 2018 and Goldcrown Bathurst Yearling Sale 2018

The yearlings we had in our line-up for the Yearling Sale 2018 are available in our website:

  • "TAYLOR" - Roll With Joe x Tremezzina

  • "DOC" - Somebeachsomewhere x The White Mouse

  • "MONA" - Art Major x Dolce Bella

  • "GIDGET" - Sunshine Beach x My Lively Lass

  • “NAAMAH” - Art Major x Ark Elaine

  • “CIRCUIT” - Sunshine Beach x Gloria Lombo

  • “ELLA” - Courage Under Fire x Bundella Express

  • “PIA” - Heston Blue Chip x Soho Leigh

  • “HANA” - Betterthancheddar x Zena Zara

  • “PRISCILLA” - Arocknrolldance x Asitshouldbe

Clarinda Park Horses could not guarantee all of them would be winners in the future, let alone their prizemoney. But what we can assure the new owners and trainers is that they were regularly taken care of, loved, and handled from the moment they were born up to the yearling sale season. We presented our horses really well, and it was evident on how sensible and quiet they were on the days before the sale, and on the sale date itself. I cant wait for the next set of yearlings they are just lovely: FOALS 2017.

We hope that the new owners and trainers noticed it.

We didn’t make much, but it was a big step up from the bids we had the previous couple of years when Clarinda Park Horses officially started. Few horse lots in both yearling sales made really good bids, but still, I believe, many did not make it to break-even the cost of keeping the yearling (and mare) alive for 2 years –-- from the day the mare was served (year 0), to the foaling down year (year 1), and to the yearling sale (year 2).

This is the complete result of the APG Sydney Yearling Sale 2018:

And this is the complete result of the Goldcrown Bathurst Yearling Sale 2018:

The Somebeachsomewhere colt out of The White Mouse (we called “Doc”) had a bid of $43,000. The other colt, we called “Taylor”, had a bid of $25,000.

On the 2018 Bathurst Yearling Sale, our “Naamah”, an Art Major filly out of Ark Elaine, was one of the top bid on the sale (same bid with a Shoobees Place filly out of Tick The Box). The Sunshine Beach colt out of Gloria Lombo, we called “Circuit”, got a bid of $32,000, the highest bid for the colt.

As mentioned, we did okay. ie, we could go another year at horse breeding and we could have some mares served from top (and expensive) stallions. But not everyone was fortunate as we were on the yearling sale this year. I am still hopeful organizers, stud farms, and/or harness racing industry could come up with a solution that would help (full time) small commercial horse breeders, like us, to have a peace of mind every year, knowing that we could pay our bills after each yearling sale.

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