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FOALS 2017

These are the foals that were born during the Australian Harness Breeding and Foaling Season 2017



TOMMY - shoobees place x tamborine girl

FOSTER BOY - a rocknroll dance x asitshouldbe

BARNEY - a rocknroll dance x spread the joy

SPARKY - four starzzz shark x speriamo

  GOLIATH - maffioso x quiet talker

MACARENA - bacardi lindy x makarewa lil

CHARLTON - heston blue chip x soho leigh

SONNY - shoobees place x chocolate magic

UNNAMED - alta christiano x blazing bindy

FAYE - courage under fire x tanamay

THELMA - lanercost x sweet kelly marie

UNNAMED - warrawee needy x north american honey

JANE - petrock x legacy lass

LAURA - grinfromeartoear x gloria lombo

LENNY - modern art x lucky laag

CHANEL - auckland reactor x ima gucci girl

WILSON - somebeachsomewhere x my lively lass

NOAH - american ideal x ark elaine

UNNAMED - four starzzz shark x grin for miss

IMMA - Arocknroll Dance x lourdes

UNNAMED - he's watching x stars

JEAN - art major x vista bella

MARIE - sunshine beach x life's destiny

BERG - betterthancheddar x bundella express

JAMMIE - maffioso x byjam

 UNNAMED - major bronski x sarah topaz

UNNAMED - art major x tessace

UNNAMED - mr feelgood x kelly major

UNNAMED - alta christiano x exotic sheba

TINA - sunshine beach x zena zara

ERIC - maffioso x strong lass

unnamed - he's watching

unnamed - maffioso x myra mary

unnamed - just turf x golden lexi

BUTTONS - Courage Under Fire x Hidden Gem
DARL - Maffioso x Lombo Secret

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