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Clarinda Park Horses Services 109 Mares For The Breeding Season 2017

Season 2017-2018 marks the 3rd year CLARINDA PARK HORSES has been operating and breeding horses. CLARINDA PARK HORSES is only a small operation horse breeding farm, but we are proud of the work we had done for the past 5-6 months.

First foal of the season was born on the 1st of September 2017, and for now his name is "TOMMY", a colt by Shoobees Place out of Tamborine Girl; and the last mare served was last 15th of January 2018.

There were more than hundred mares arrived at Clarinda Park Horses this season to be serviced:

  • 86 mares were booked to be served,

  • 36 were booked to foal down,

  • and 14 mares were booked to foal down & to be served again.

36 foals were born in the farm, and 5 of which were sired by our Clarinda Park Horses’ very own stallion Maffioso, followed by Arocknroll Dance who sired 3 foals.

Clarinda Park Horses Foals by Stallions

Though most of the foals are bred by Dumesny family members, 15 of these foals are bred and owned by a number of clients.

And out of the 36 foals, 16 are colts, and 20 are fillies.

More photos of the foals in our FOALS 2017 Gallery page in our website.

Clarinda Park Horses Foals 2017 by gender

And out of 85 mares served, Maffioso served 18 mares, followed by John Street North serving 12 mares. And we served 7 mares for For A Reason. Breakdown of number of mares served by stallions is shown below at the chart.

Clarinda Park Horses was fortunate to have JOHN STREET NORTH who arrived early 2017 in the farm. JOHN STREET NORTH arrived first in Australia back in the 90s when the Dumesny-run stud farm, RUBY VALE STUD, brought him from America. And about 2004, John Street North moved to Yirribee Pacing Stud when Ruby Vale Stud closed its gate to public.

And on his last breeding season, John Street North was able to serve 13 mares.

As the breeding/foaling season ends, we are now preparing for the yearling Sale 2018. We would be having our yearlings in our website page.


The figures above does not include the mares who slipped.

The figures above includes the foals who were born, but unfortunately died.

The figures above shows the number of mares who were booked and served.(whether positive or negative would be a different discussion)

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