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Clarinda Park Horses Services. Aside from breeding in and foaling down services of broodmares, Clarinda Park Horses offers Breaking In services for your race horses.
Breaking In and Pre-Training of harness racing horses by Clarinda Park Horses.
Yearlings breaking in and pre training of horses for harness racing.

"Breaking-In" means training the horses to be ridden or driven. And since CLARINDA PARK HORSES is a horse breeding farm for standardbred horses, the service we offer for breaking-in is specialized for HARNESS RACING horses. 

Whether the horse you have is for harness racing, gallopers, dressage, or a horse you want to keep in your paddock, you need to train the horse in order to:

  • easy to catch in the paddock or in the stable,

  • easy to lead,

  • easy to get in and out of the horse float

Clarinda Park Horses prides on presenting  the best looking horses in the horse yearlings sale. 

Breaking-In and Early Education for horses takes time. Depending on how long it takes for the horses to get used to the bump rope, or to having the harness in them, or to having the sulky gig, it varies from about 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

Clarinda Park Horses takes care of your horses by foal handling them regularly
Clarinda Park Horses Foal Handling services.
Horse Service Foal Handling at Clarinda Park Horses.

Through out the year, all the foals, weanlings, and yearlings at Clarinda Park Horses are being handled to keep them quiet, and to prepare them for yearlings sale season:

  • APG Melbourne Yearlings Sale,

  • APG Sydney Yearlings Sale,

  • and the Bathurst Goldcrown Yearlings Sale.

For the past yearlings sale seasons, Clarinda Park Horses prides itself to the quality of horses and yearlings we present in the parade ring. 

Our yearlings do look good, strong, and well-groomed.

And more importantly, harness racing patrons (and potential buyers) like owners, drivers, trainers, would feel safe going near our yearlings for inspection during the day of the horse auctions and sales. 

Horse Photography by Clarinda Park Photography | CIRCUIT, a Sunshine Beach colt by Gloria Lombo.
Horse Photography by Clarinda Park Photograhy | Pia, a Heston Blue Chip filly out of Soho Leigh. Cover Photo of Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide 2017-2018
Horse Photography by Clarinda Park Photograhy | Sparky, a Four Starzzz Shark colt out of Speriamo. Cover Photo of Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide 2018-2019

Clarinda Park Horses can offer horse photography service for your horses. 

All foals born at Clarinda Park Horses farm have their photos taken before they go back to their owners. 

You can check the foals photos in our website:

Every year as well, photos of the yearlings that go to the annual yearlings sale at APG Melbourne Yearlings Sale, APG Sydney Yearlings Sale, and Bathurst Goldcrown Yearlings Sale. Check our Gallery as well for the photos of our yearlings.

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